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Santa Barbara Records presents “CaliAmericana, Vol II”

September 22, 2023

Santa Barbara Records presents “CaliAmericana, Vol II” honoring the legacy of Kenny Loggins.

With these “CaliAmericana” releases, SBR has an opportunity to walk its talk. This company was founded on the intention to shine a light on the massive reserve of talent here in SB and on the central coast, and more than that — to be of service to local artists and the wider creative economy. That sense of purpose is central to everything we do.

Our merchandise is made here, our strategic relationships are here, and our artistic heart is here. “CaliAmericana Vol II” seamlessly picks up where its predecessor left off, with a whole new crop of stellar artists — supercharged by the decision to honor the immense legacy of SB institution and musical legend, Kenny Loggins.

Each artist contributes one original tune, along with their favorite Kenny Loggins cover.  This release is really quite intriguing and holds a very special place in our hearts due to the way in which it showcases each artist’s own personality, in their original contribution, obviously, but importantly, in the choices they’ve all made in approaching Kenny’s amazing songs.