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Live from the Lobero

June 18, 2020

UPDATE:  Live From The Lobero is available through Friday, July 3rd at 12p PT. Log in now to watch again! Tickets are still available …

Get front row seats to see Kenny — Live and Unplugged – as he performs an intimate, LIVE pay-per-view concert from the historic stage of The Lobero Theatre in Santa Barbara, CA on Sunday, June 28, 2020 at 7 PM PST / 10PM EST.

Enjoy an evening of songs, and the stories behind them while benefiting one of the country’s oldest theatres. A portion of the proceeds will also go to helping support NIVA -The National Independent Venue Association.  For tickets:  CLICK HERE

If you miss the live broadcast, this performance will be available on-demand until  Friday, July 3 at 12p Pacific.

Ticket holders who are unable to watch the performance live will be able to view the concert using Vimeo anytime within three days after the broadcast. Those who are able to make a donation to support the ongoing health of this live music experience at the Lobero Theatre – and others around the country – are welcome to contribute more when they purchase their tickets. Proceeds from the show will go towards supporting the Lobero Theatre and NIVA, the National Independent Venue Association.

The Lobero Theatre is one of the oldest theaters in the country. For almost 150 years, the Lobero has featured some of the world’s greatest artists. Since closing its doors to limit the spread of COVID-19, the theater has lost over $1 million in critical earned income. Like every theater, nightclub, and performing arts center in America, The Lobero faces an uncertain future. When ultimately allowed to reopen, The Lobero and others will need to survive with reduced occupancy in order to safely social distance. A great many venues are likely to disappear, before ever getting back to live audiences.

Live from the Lobero Producer/Director Byl Carruthers brought The Lobero a concept of “contactless performances” to be livestreamed as inexpensive pay-per-view concerts. The model allows for artists to be paid, the theatre to have on-going revenue, and gives fans the experience of live music.

Carruthers says, “Since the pandemic started, the artists’ free ‘livestreams-from-home’ have helped us all get along, but venues and artists need a sustainable model to survive!” He adds, “If we can’t make this work, a lot of venues aren’t going to make it. We’re hoping to create a template that can work for The Lobero, and others, as well.”

Carruthers’ safety-centric production model involves a forensically small crew using various assigned entrances. In addition to PPE, temperature, and symptom checks while entering the building, all crew members will bring their own food and remain in their specific space for the entire production. Some of the technicians perform their tasks from individual rooms. Others never come within 15 feet of the artists. They are only to leave their room, or position, to use one of the eight assigned bathrooms and stalls. After set-up the day before show day, the stage, doors, hallways, and rooms will all be disinfected to meet COVID-19 sanitation guidelines. On show day, no one other than the artist(s) walks on to the performance stage. Artists arrive through stage doors and take their place on-stage, perform, and exit, without making any contact.

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