Offering Fans FREE Downloads from ALL JOIN IN!

Sep 8th, 2009
news picture The Loggins & Messina tour is well underway, exciting fans with L&M classic hits, and a couple of new songs including 'Two Of Us,' a duet with Jimmy Messina which can only be found on Kenny's new family album, ALL JOIN IN (currently available ó exclusively ó on the road!)!!

ALL JOIN IN features many amazing tunes, all of which were hand picked by Kenny and are very special to him in many different ways. He is eager to share this new music with all of his fans and would love to get your thoughts!

If you click on this link you can listen to 4 incredible new songs, give us direct feedback on them and then, to thank you for all your help ... Kenny would like to offer you these songs FREE to download!!

Just follow the link above for all the details!

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