It Feels Just Like Starting Over

Feb 7th, 2011
news picture Kenny writes: Thereís a magic that comes with being aware youíre "onto something" while youíre onto it. It fills you with a strange sense of purpose that seems to invigorate the project and deepen the vision, even when you feel like all you've got is fireflies to follow, just the hint of heat and light out ahead, teasing you on, leading you somewhere you can barely see in the distance, as if towards an ancient city shrouded in fog, just waiting for you to come discover it.

And here it was, another one of those rare moments that we, as artists, long for, wait years for, usually very impatiently, and hope to capture at least once in our lives. I can honestly say, looking back, I believe Iíve been incredibly lucky to have experienced this rush 3 or 4 times in my career, but few times as consciously as this moment...

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