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» Guitar Style  -  Jul 17, 2003

Enjoyed browsing through your web site very much, and thought I would respond to your site's offer to send you an email.

I have always enjoyed your music and particular guitar style and also that of your friend, Jimmy Messina. Years ago, your first albums inspired me to take up the guitar for my own self enjoyment. I am curious if you are self taught, and formed your own particular style, or if you had a teacher who provided instruction?

In closing, are there any recommendations that you can offer concerning any particular guitar book or software (or teacher in the L.A. area) that may be a good "learning tool" towards learning your and Jim's style of playing?

Thanks very much Kenny for the inspiring and heartfelt music that you (and the time when you were with Jim as well) gave for us all to enjoy! Regards, RickS

Kenny Replies:

Jimmy's style is unique to the times and was evolved from country music roots.  He used to play mostly a vintage Fender Telecaster.  My style?  Total lack of finesse.  I am an accompanist to my songs.

Most beginner guitar books are created equal. There are lots of videos that can be helpful. I, like so many before me, learned from Mel Bay and a friend. Playing for fun with friends is the best way to learn.